By acquiring membership in NATO and the award of the NATO code Montenegrin companies got the opportunity to extend their market to NATO countries, but also to be potential suppliers to NATO bases and agencies that have been announced  various tenders for the procurement of equipment, software, services, food , drinks, etc.

At the request of the economy and other subjects, 144 NATO codes have been awarded so far. In Montenegro, a total of 97 original Montenegrin products were codified. NCB (National Codification Bureau) of Montenegro codifies the original Montenegrin products, newly acquired technical assets and equipment of the Army of Montenegro and grants the company’s codes to economic entities in Montenegro.

After accession  to NATO, NATO standards are completely free, which are considered to be the best in the defense industry. There will be a free access to NATO investment funds,and also  the funds for science and education, as well as the hiring and employment of professionals and experts from Montenegro in various NATO bodies

By joining NATO, Montenegro has achieved the highest level of codification, which means that the NCB of Montenegro has fully assumed responsibility both at the national level and as an international subject in the NATO codification system.