The Secretariat for Support to the Business Community of the Capital has announced a Competition for Support to STARTUP ICT Business, to which all legal and natural persons can apply and apply for the ALPHA or BETA program.

Natural persons or legal entities established in the last 5 years with a residence or registered office in the territory of the Capital who want to start or develop their business ideas in the Capital can apply for the ALPHA program. The BETA program can be supported by a maximum of 3 participants (natural or legal persons) who are among the winners of the previous Competition for the support of startup business in 2021.

Under this competition, one person can be granted funds in the amount of up to EUR 4,000.00, innovative products and services that are at least at the third level of the scale of technological readiness (TRL3 – technology readiness level) in the areas of: fintech; IoT (Internet of Things); game development; healthtech; smart technologies (cities, buildings, etc.); digital transformation (ERP systems, e-business, financial technologies, etc.); green ICT (emission reduction, energy saving, etc.); machine learning and artificial intelligence.

The deadline for submitting applications is 30 days from the day of announcing this competition on the website of the Capital. All additional information can be obtained by calling 020 625 718 and 020 482 001 and e-mail: and