A one-day training on “Human Resource Management” was held for young entrepreneurs from the Program of mentoring and education, on April 11th, in IPER premises. Training was led by Danka Pješčić-Ćetković, founder of NLP Network Podgorica.

At the training, entrepreneurs became familiar with the concept of “human resources”, as well as with which all segments encompass the concept of human resources management. Then, entrepreneurs were taught why every organization is successful as much as it owns high-quality human resources. This is not something that only applies to large companies, on the contrary, in smaller systems, the issue of human resources is even more significant.

Selection and employment of the right people, introduction to work, achievement of the maximum employees, their motivation and success in work are crucial for the functioning of one company. Sometimes the wrong assessment can do great damage, especially if you are a numerically smaller collective.

In practice, we have passed through the process of defining the vacant job position, creating ads for the given position, techniques for conducting interviews on selection, and how to check the competences of the applicants in the most efficient way, how to work on the development of employees, and if we do not have financial resources.

What attendees taught at the training:

  1. -Components of the human resources management process;
  2. -What all involves the employment process;
  3. -How to make an analysis of the working position;
  4. -STAR method for interview;
  5. -How to create an appropriate ad;
  6. -What is included in the development and education of employees;
  7. -Models of motivation.

The training was divided into 4 parts.The method of work combined presentation, lecture as well as practical exercises with the active participation of all participants, through discussion, exchange of experiences and independent presentation of common tasks.

After training, Anja Kaluđerović shared her impressions:

„The topic of today’s training was very grateful for both those who start working in business and those who are long-time entrepreneurs. We did the exercises that helped us to solve the situations in which entrepreneurs are coping when they hire someone. I recommend these workshops organized by IPER to all who want to learn something new and who want to improve, and to contribute to their business and to their company. “