‘Manager is a function. Leadership is an attitude. ‘

Within the project ‘Program of mentoring and education for young entrepreneurs – Youth Business’, the fifth one day-training for young entrepreneurs was held on October, 11, 2018 at the topic ‘Leadership and motivation’.

The training was led by Danka Pješčić Ćetković, founder of NLP Network Podgorica and was divided into 4 blocks. The method combined presentation, lecture and practical exercises with the active participation of all entrepreneurs, through discussion, exchange of experiences and presentation of common tasks.

For the development of entrepreneurship, beside the business environment, financial resources, good ideas, it is of utmost importance that entrepreneurs continuously perceive and develop their leadership potential.

At the training, entrepreneurs learned what Leadership implies, that leaders must have their own goal, how to develop a plan and tactics to achieve it, how to retain focus, priorities and work on them. Then, how to open learning and new experiences, to have faith and self-reliance, to be dedicated to the ideas and people, how to delegate and manage, to motivate and trigger employees to achieve even more than they think they can and to become more successful and satisfied.

Also, young entrepreneurs have become familiar with what they are and what is not motivation, and why it is important that the model of motivation is tailored to each employee, according to the preferences. Through coaching techniques, the entrepreneurs have been taught how to improve individual segments of leadership potential.

The training was based on the NLP methodology, as well as on other theories of management and leadership, with application to the practical context. In addition, training in the second part was based on coaching techniques, which are applied to the development of individuals and teams.

‘You are the leader if your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become better persons’  J.Adams