The European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) will decide on financial support for women in business in Montenegro, which will be sold through its partners, Alter Modus and NLB, in the amount of EUR 2 million each.

The head of the EBRD in Montenegro, Jaap Sprey, said that the terms of the loan had not yet been specified and that it would depend on the partner.

‘We have been present in Montenegro for several years, in terms of our advisory program. We are now moving to the financial component as well, so we have two million euros to be distributed through the NLB and the same through Alter Modus’, Spray said at media conference presenting the Women in Business program.

He recalled that the EBRD started a business support program for women in business in 2014 in Turkey and up to date, the program has been extended to 23 countries and is being co-operated with 44 partner banks. Also, he said, they supported 70,000 women with 520 million euros, and in the Balkans, in cooperation with seven partner institutions, they supported five thousand women clients.