An Info day dedicated to women future entrepreneurs was held on Friday, 15th February, in Danilovgrad, organized by the Commission for the allocation of funds to support women entrepreneurship, in cooperation with the Women’s Political Network and the United Nations Development Office.

Based on the recently adopted parliamentary decision, the municipality Danilovgrad will help women which plans their own business this year with 10.000 euros. These funds are committed to the Danilovgrad Budget at the initiative of the Women’s Political Network.

Addressing the attendees, he President of the Municipality of Danilovgrad Zorica Kovacevic pointed to the favorable ambience that the city provides for development and business, with a special accent on municipality’s readiness to support women who start a business.

Kovačević emphasized the readiness of the Municipality to increase the amount of support funds in the future if Danilovgrad’s women with their ideas and business plans show interest of this budget line.

In addition to the interested women, on the Info Day was the President of the Commission for allocation of funds – Maja Pavličić, representatives of the Institute for entrepreneurship and economic development from Podgorica – Biljana Sekulić and Bojana Kalezić, and consultant in front of the Office of UNDP in Montenegro – Ivan Mališić, which is through concrete examples explained the way conditions of realization of such projects, with the examples of women which succeeded in business.

In the name of the Institute for entrepreneurshiop and economic development (IPER) Biljana Sekulić explained the role of the Institute whose task is to strengthen the structure whch works in municipalities, in order to respond in the best way on needs of future entrepreneurs. Also, IPER will work on popularization of concept of women entrepreneurship through forming advisory centre for entrepreneurs, organizing events for their networking and forming a network of mentors for entrepreneurs at the local level.

Jelena Radenović, a member of the Commission for distribution in front of the Women’s Political Network, also addressed the attendees, who initiated the introduction of a support line for women entrepreneurship not only in Danilovgrad but also in other municipalities in Montenegro. She assessed that Danilovgrad has good business ideas, emphasizeing that all members of the commission and expert consultants will be helpful to entrepreneurs that their business idea find the best form in order to be supported by the Municipality.