Within the Mentoring and Education Program, a one-day training was held on Thursday, April 04, on the topic “Market Analysis and Research”. The training was led by Slavica Nikolić, Executive Director of the Agency for Personal and Professional Development of SADA. The training was held at IPER premises, from 10 am to 4 pm.

During the training, the entrepreneurs explained in detail the importance of the analysis and market research as an important element for the further business of the company, as well as the ways of their implementation. Basic techniques, tools and methods have been worked out to help them in the realization of market analysis. During the training special attention was devoted to the analysis of each segment of the market (buyers, suppliers, competitors) in order to better understand the market and test the business idea of ​​each participant.

The training covered the following topics:

  1. -The main purpose and role of the analysis and market research in the company;
  2. -Data sources, types of research, methods of data collection, advantages and disadvantages of applying certain methods, data sources;
  3. -Creating a questionnaire: which information is obtained from the respondents, what is and should not contain a questionnaire, most commonly mistakes in defining the questionnaire;
  4. -Analysis and research of customers, suppliers and competitors;
  5. -Key factors of success in the market.

During the training, special emphasis was put on practical exercises, case studies and case studies in practice, as well as from literature and other sources. The participants were able to, during the training, all the topics that were processed, practically applied to their business ideas.

Participants showed great interest in topics that were processed. They actively asked questions related to themes, participated in group and individual exercises, presentations and simulations of reality, and had excellent interaction with other participants.