Within the Program of Mentoring and Education for Young Entrepreneurs – Business Youth, on 18.04. was held one-day training on the topic “Health and Work”, conducted by Mari Maćešić, founder and CEO of MariM Team.

During the training, entrepreneurs had the opportunity to get acquainted with the 7 main areas that are important for maintaining the balance between private and business life and health, with the following topics:

  • Is health important for work?
  • Morning habits for efficiency and productivity in life and at work
  • Vacation and sleeping
  • What makes happiness, health and success
  • Stress management
  • Becoming a person 80/20
  • Five major decisions in life

They had the opportunity to learn how to look at the work and the importance of health in everyday life in a new way, how important it is to have awareness and prioritization and recognize what is happening to us. Then, how to solve a particular situation, stress, misunderstanding of events at work that affect private life and how to approach it and facilitate yourself functioning while at the same time enjoying and bringing results that make us happy.

The participants learned new ways, methodologies and habits that all successful people practice and how to implement it at work and in life.