For young entrepreneurs from the program of Business Youth, we held a one-day training on the topic “New code of leadership” on March 28 “. The training was led by Ivana Malović, founder of IDFaktor.

Through a series of interactive workshops you will find out:

  • How looks a leader of the new age, the one who creates, drives people, ideas, business;
  • How to properly set up strong and motivating goals;
  • How can you be sure that you have clearly communicated the message and with your attitude be an example;
  • How to give supportive, motivating and constructive feedback and to be a mover;
  • How to present your idea, while controlling the scene and, of course, domineer with yourself.

Also, entrepreneurs through the work in groups have had the opportunity to learn how to find a balance between team management and solving everyday situations in a professional environment.

„Today’s topic of the ‘New code of leadership’ is one great lecture and I would say from the perspective of the participants as well as from my point of view, because I succeeded in some way to launch employees, directors, managers to change, to improve these skills and traits and create these leadership habits which they mean to us. What is the leader’s attitude, how the leader communicates, how the leader presents, what is the process of change, the creation of these, to say leadership, or perhaps more beautifully, winning habits, so the participants really had the opportunity through interactive work to come to themselves, to work on themselves. The skills, qualities, techniques they have got, can not only apply to themselves, but can apply to the team, in the environment they work in. “, said coach Ivana Malović after completing the training.