One-day training for young entrepreneurs from the programme of mentoring and education was held on 14th February on the topic ‘Multipliers of success: from the best to the unimaginable’. The training was led by Novica Čarapić, mentor of an internal team of Wiener Städtische.

The young entrepreneurs had an opportunity to learn how to process a problem and ask questions for unlocking secrets of problems and questions for identifying solutions and tools, how to strengthen their focus (focus as an inconsiderate driver of excellence), what Juran’s principle is and what Parkinson law is and how to introduce ‘a little more habit and a little less discipline’ into their work.

All attendants got tools to reprogram their mind and to embrace belief which are ‘torches’ on the way to unimaginable.

Below are the key messages that coach Novica Carapic bespoke all young entrepreneurs at the training:

As in the acorn finds oak, so in each of you finds a spark of what you potentially are, and that is to be champions. Many who you know as a champions, and who are with birth defect, achieved far more than you, due to the strong desire and deep inborn belief. Many of the successful you know were not preordained to achieve what they did. But how they achieve that? The number one success principle: use trust methods i.e. learn from mentors!’

‘You need a step of faith and there is no shortcut to that. You have to make a first step. Your doubts will try to dissuade from this. Recognize them and do not listen to them. Doubts will always exist. You will decide if you listen to them.’

‘Surround yourself with better than yourself (mentors, successful people) because you become the average, of the best around you. Science proved that they transfer emotions to you and you adopt their patterns of behaviour. Victims will always infect you with defeating philosophy’

‘It is not secret that you are focusing on whether you have the answers for each step, but to believe that process of overcoming one by one goal will bring you to the very top, just like you believe that your car headlights always illuminate what’s needed at a given moment.’

‘You don’t need a constant discipline. You need to repeat some routine of 66 days to become a habit. Adjust one by one habit. All successful people did the same.’

‘Accelerate yourself by giving as often as possible short deadlines for the realization of the activity, which will spontaneously focus only on the most important ones. Make sure that no one can interrupt you for hours, sometimes only 45 minutes. Minimize making decisions and dedicate time to making decisions concerning essential, and minimize time for less important.’