Institute for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development, organized presentation of successful entrepreneurial stories in the field of cultural and creative industries in Montenegro, on January 24th at KIC Budo Tomovic.

During the last eighteen months, the team of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development with associates, has worked hard to collect data and identify sectors, activities and occupations that can be classified as the cultural and creative industries in Montenegro. Based on international best practice, we have not only recognized the key players in the CCI area, but also calculated their contribution to Montenegro’s economic growth and development. In order to acknowledge and further motivate those who are about to embark on entrepreneurial boat, we have selected seventeen diverse stories to share with the general public. These are, for us, very successful entrepreneurial ventures that survive and develop despite everything and everyone.

The event also featured a publication entitled ‘Cultural and Creative Industries in Montenegro – selected success stories’.

Prepared promotional materials were submitted to media outlets throughout Montenegro, with the aim of their further promotion

Below are photos of the event.