The Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro announces the Public Call  for co-financing sustainable projects in tourism

The goal of the Public Call

Within the project ‘Development of low-carbon tourism in Montenegro’, implemented by the United Nations Development Program (UNDP) and the Ministry of Sustainable Development and Tourism, the funds were allocated for co-financing sustainable projects in the tourism sector.

The Public Call is implemented by the Chamber of Commerce of Montenegro with the aim of encouraging the development and realization of innovative, investment projects and initiatives that contribute measurablely to the reduction of CO2 emissions in the tourism sector.

The right to participate in the Public Call  has:

  • Local government authorities and public services;
  • Business associations and entrepreneurs;
  • Non-governmental organizations (associations and foundations) with headquarters in Montenegro.

International organizations, representative offices of international organizations operating in Montenegro, do not have the right to participate in the Public Call.

Support height and eligible costs

The total funds allocated through the Public Call amount to € 260,000.

Co-financing of one project can amount to 25% of the value of activities that directly contribute to the reduction of carbon dioxide emissions, with the maximum amount of financial support per project can reach 150,000 euros.

The funds, committed to the Public Call, is possible to cover the costs of:

  • Procurement and installation of new equipment (plants, lighting, heating and cooling systems, solar panels / photovoltaic cells, etc.)
  • Construction works on buildings (construction and reconstruction).

Examples of projects that can serve as a guideline for applicants:

  • Introduction of energy-efficient cooling, heating, ventilation and isolation systems in facilities intended for providing services to tourists (hotels, apartments, public buildings)
  • Improving the energy efficiency of the external (streets, parking lots and other public areas) and interior lighting,
  • Replacement of a conventional heating system with heat pumps;
  • Installation of the network of photovoltaic system, introduction of solar systems for water heating;
  • Developing sustainable, environmentally friendly public transport systems (replacing the use of fossil fuels in public transport with renewable energy sources such as solar energy and biofuels – eg biodiesel).

The most important criteria:

  • The ratio of the expected reduction in CO2 emissions and invested resources – the key criterion of the Public Invitation is that the project must provide a significant and measurable reduction in CO2 emissions;
  • Finished financial structure – the potential user submits proof that he disposes with the funds necessary for the realization of the project; the funds allocated through the Public Invitation are refunded after the realization of the planned activities;
  • Completeness of the documentation (project / technical / planning documentation, permits) – the potential user must prove that he has all necessary documentation for the project implementation;
  • Time period for realization of the project / investment – the project must be completed no later than the end of 2018;
  • Representation of the principles of gender equality and empowerment of women entrepreneurship – the project must respect the principles of gender equality and encourage the development of women’s entrepreneurship;

Investment projects that are financially supported through the prior realization of the Public Invitation within the project Development of Low Carbon Tourism in Montenegro do not have the right to participate and will not be considered.

The deadline for submission of proposals is May, 14,  2018, at 14:00.

Info days will be held in:

  • 04.2018 in Podgorica, at the UN Eko building, starting at 10:00;
  • 04.2018 in Nikšić, in the multimedia hall of Tehnopolis, starting at 10:00;
  • 04.2018 in Budva, in the hall of B8 Academy of knowledge, starting at 12: 00h;
  • 04.2018 in Podgorica, in the hall of the Chamber of Commerce, starting at 10:00.

More details about the terms of the Public Call and the procedure for submitting project proposals, with application forms, are available on the following websites: , , and