The capital Podgorica has announced a competition for support of business ideas in the area of the city settlement of Stara Varos. For this project, grants in the amount of 50,000 euros are planned for the implementation of business ideas that encourage economic development and production in Stara Varos; development of craft, catering and trade activities and development of tourism; preservation of the environment and sustainable development, as well as affirmation and valorisation of the cultural potential, traditions and cultural peculiarities of this part of Podgorica.

The competition envisages that the business idea will be presented through a business plan, and the maximum amount of approved funds will be 12,500 euros. One person can apply with a maximum of two business plans, one of which will be supported.

Due to the great interest of citizens and the desire to reach better and higher quality business solutions that will be sustainable in the long run and which will return the former recognisability and authenticity of Stara Varos, the Capital will help all interested parties to conceptualize their business ideas into business plans.

Applications for the Competition must be submitted no later than 18th September 2020.

All information about the competition, as well as details regarding the application are available at the link: