As part of Global Entrepreneurship Week, the eighth one-day training for young entrepreneurs was held on 14 November from the Youth Business program at the topic ‘Time management and obligations’. The training was led by Ivana Malović, founder of IDFactor at the premises of Mtel Digital Factory.

Young entrepreneurs trained skills necessary to improve time management, defining priorities and achieving results that brought professionalism, business, simplicity.

In addition to the short theoretical part, the training consisted of practical examples and tools, as well as a series of interactive exercises, so that participants were ready to manage more effectively over time, to respond properly to obligations, to set priorities as well, increase productivity and successfully implement business activities.

The training was designed in a way that young entrepreneurs:

  • adopt the principles of effective time organization
  • adopt a habit of setting priorities
  • become aware of what their most time-consuming activity
  • properly manage obligations
  • ncrease performance and productivity
  • prioritize
  • to get rid of ‘thieves of time’

The training was a combination of mentoring coaching and active participation of attendants in practical exercises.

The Photos from the training are below.