The final event of the Program of mentoring and education for young entrepreneurs – Business Youth, which is organized by the Institute for Entrepeneurship and Economic Eevelopment in cooperation with the Union of Young Entrepreneurs, was held on June 21st. At the event were presented results of the project, lessons learned, challenges and problems faced by entrepreneurs.

The Program of mentoring and education started in May 2018, when the Program entered:

– 18 young entrepreneurs
– 11 mentors

During the project implementation:

  • We organized: 17 one-day training, 4 thematic gatherings
  • We have created a network of mentors for young entrepreneurs in Montenegro
  • We developed a manual for mentors and entrepreneurs „How to get the most out of mentoring process“.
  • We carried out a survey on topic „Entrepreneurship of youth in Montenegro“.
  • We have wellcomed entrepreneur and mentor with intenational experience- Mr Will Mercer, who met with over 30 young entrepreneurs and representatives of the institutions , and held two lectures conveying his rich international experience.
  • We supported the organization of the Second fair of young entrepreneurs.
  • We organized the first meeting with young entrepreneurs (networking event).
  • We have created a strong community of young entrepreneurs, interlinked and directed to one another.

The following participants of the Program shared with us the impressions and benefits that the project contributed to:

  • Bojana Perovic, Minute Consulting
  • Dragan Goranovic, G Consulting
  • Miluša Cica Žugić, social enterprise “UZPD” Nikšić
  • Božina Komatina, Montino doo
  • Emir Bidzan, Watchman Bidzhan
  • Stefan Vojvodić

and our mentors:

  • Jelena Damjanovic Vidakovic, Angie & Me
  • Novica Čarapić, business and sales manager

At the event, thank was given to all mentors who structuredly followed the work of entrepreneurs, gave them advice and transferred their knowledge and experience.

We have completed one more  networking event, with the aim to enable young entrepreneurs to meet directly with representatives of public and private sector institutions.

The entrepreneur who collected the largest number of business cards during the networking event received the Maksimovski & co brand award.

Thank you all for taking the time to attend the final networking event.

We thank all our mentors and entrepreneurs for their cooperation to realize this project jointly.

Although we officially marked the successful completion of the project, we believe that we are ready for a new beginning. New beginning will mark: fortified old and established new friendships, better communication, readiness for cooperation, and mutual growth and development. The new beginning will mark both the lessons learned and the awareness that if we want changes, we  ourselves have to be their drivers.

Do not forget the motto of our Program:

You can tell a man by a company , so choose your company, and come again!