For young entrepreneurs from the Business of Youth program, we held a thematic meeting on April 24 on the topic “Creative writing in business”, led by Jelena Marković, the founder of the personal change network Smart Change.

At a thematic meeting, entrepreneurs had the opportunity to learn how to identify who they are addressing, which are most commonly mistakes in writing, how to stay professional and authentic, and how to write posts for social networks, blog posts or e-mails that people can easily remember.

Does your business witness a story? Do people respond to your posts, e-mails and texts on the site? Do you have a reaction from the audience and potential clients that you would like?

We are all in business at some stage faced with having a great product or service that we know really are worth, but we can not reach people. We do not know to tell the story.

  • Creativity does not mean you use twisted phrases.
  • Creativity does not mean that you have to be silly, frivolous and unprofessional.
  • Creativity does not mean that you should give up on what is the core of your business.

On the contrary, creativity means that you have told the story of your product in an authentic way and so you are sure that the audience will remember you.

Jelena has revealed to entrepreneurs a few simple and verified tricks in writing that they will be able to apply for their business.