All businesses start with an idea, and those ideas can grow and develop into different opportunities that generate profit.
The creation of new products and services, in turn, creates new opportunities and stimulates both own and economic growth and development.
When you are the creator of your business, you have the opportunity to improve your business when you think it is the ticket to success. You have the freedom to take risks and to be the ones who set the standards.

For all those who are in a transition period in their career, we have singled out 10 innovative entrepreneurs who listed the advantages that motivated, started, and empowered them to turn their creative idea into a business.

1.Sean Ogle (Location 180, LLC) – Time Freedom!
Although I work harder than most people who work traditional jobs, I have much more flexibility and freedom than they do. If I want to go golfing one afternoon, I actually can. Or if I want to do my job in Thailand, I can do that too! Owning my own business has ensured that I don’t have to sacrifice my life for a paycheck.

2. Jerry Piscitelli (Portopong LLC) – Complete creative freedom.
For me, the greatest value in owning my own business is that I can realize every idea I have in the form of design, website, and packaging nothing has been done without me. Since I’m coming, and I’m still in the world of creative design, sometimes it can be frustrating when someone asks for “red to be redder”. For me, owning my own business is a kind of therapy.

3. Lawrence Watkins (Great Black Speaker) – Freedom of Thought.
I can’t play an instrument, sing or dance well. I use entrepreneurship as my form of artistic self-expression. This allows me to be creative and create something of value that the rest of the world will like.

4. Matthew Ackerson (PetoVera) – Personal development that is immeasurable.
My mentor, Dan Cohen, has described personal development in other young entrepreneurs that we can measure in light years. That is a true statement, I can say that my job has forced me to develop and adapt very quickly to new challenges and situations

5. Eric Bahn (Hustle Con Media) – Existential satisfaction. When you run your startup, you can quickly acquire a large number of skills and face challenges every day. When you work for an employer, you may be bored or work with very little effort. That’s not the case with a startup. The biggest advantage of owning your own business is the feeling of realizing your potential. When you realize all your potential, you feel existential satisfaction.

6. Alexandra Levit, (Inspiration at Work) – It’s all about flexibility.
The greatest privilege of owning your own business is flexibility. When you have two young children, the ability to have non-traditional working hours is invaluable. This means I can attend my kids’ school play in the morning and make up for an extra two hours in the evening when most corporate employees are watching American Idol.

7. Allie Siarto (Allie Siarto & Co. Photography) – My office is with me everywhere.
At the beginning of my career, while working in an office cubicle, I fantasized about going to a coffee shop to change the work environment and stimulate my creativity. Now I can work anywhere that has Wi-Fi.

8. Steven Le Vine (grapevine pr + consulting) – Passport, please!
Sometimes I take for granted the fact that if I want to go on vacation I don’t have to ask anyone’s permission. I remember the time when I was working for someone else, I had to ask for permission and fill out a lot of forms, and then wait for the approval of my superiors. I felt trapped, suffocated, and limited. Now I don’t have to ask for permission, I just book a holiday and go!

9. Lauren Friese (TalentEgg) – Exciting ride.
I often say that starting a startup is like riding a roller coaster. The highs are high and the lows are very low and it all depends on you. I love that. That pace doesn’t suit everyone, but it suits me.

10. Vanessa Nornberg (Metal Mafia) – An opportunity to shape society.
Owning my own business allows me to change things in society that I disagree with. Corporations have a responsibility to the people who helped establish and develop them. I pay the full amount of health insurance for my employees, and for those who go on business trips, I provide them with one extra day in a city so they can visit it. Also, I don’t burden them with work so we all go home on time.