In cooperation with the Capital of Cetinje, the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development – IPER participates in the implementation of the “Activate!” project. funded by the United Nations Joint Fund for the Sustainable Development Goals.

With the aim of empowering young people to transition from the education process to the labor market, during June and July we organize one-day and two-day trainings on the following topics: motivation and self-motivation; setting and achieving goals; preparation for a job interview; time and responsibilities management; how to get your business idea; creation of a business plan; promotion on social networks; presentation and business communication skills, sales skills and customer psychology; contemporary leadership; financial literacy, and the basics of graphic design. The training topics were selected based on previously conducted research among high school graduates and students in Cetinje.

In order to motivate young people to engage in entrepreneurial activities, on Thursdays we organize informal gatherings with successful entrepreneurs from Cetinje. Young people had the opportunity to hear the story of the success of the Rakčević winery from the famous Montenegrin handball player Mladen Rakčević, about the IT company Logate from Ivica Tatar, and on Thursday, July 21, we will host Tijana Živaljević, a young writer and successful entrepreneur who combined creativity and love for her native flora. Cetinje through the brand “Cvijet Lovćena”.

We believe that all previous trainings have contributed to the development of missing skills and the acquisition of new knowledge among young people and will empower them to take their first steps on the labor market. The best investment these days and always is an investment in yourself and your knowledge because knowledge is power!