The Ministry of Culture and Media organized the first National Conference on Creativity called “Time of Creativity” on January 27 and 28 in Kotor.
More than 50 panelists and presenters participated in the conference. The participants were representatives from different activities and sectors such as economy, creative industry, tourism, science and education and others, who spoke about creativity from different aspects of activity.

Thus, one of the opening speakers was the Director of the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Development of Montenegro, prof. Dr. Dragana Radević, who spoke on the topic: Mapping cultural and creative industries in Montenegro, is it even important?
“The mapping of cultural and creative industries in Montenegro is an undertaking whose end result is their quantification, which should serve as a starting point for decision-makers to monitor the development of cultural and creative industries and guide policy in the coming period,” said Dragana Radević.

Also, prof. Dr. Dragana Radevi pointed out that creative industries contribute 3.4% of gross added value in Montenegro.The potential creative industry develops skills and offers new knowledge, it encourages new entrepreneurship in culture on the diversity of cultural expressions and the responsible appropriate interpretation of cultural heritage. A series of activities such as documenting and valorizing cultural expressions, mapping, are definitely one of the key processes that can significantly contribute to local authorities recognizing the needs of entrepreneurs and, therefore, investing more in support programs in their environment.

Mapping offers the possibility that the resources of creative ideas and entrepreneurship are visible to the wider community, and the needs of creative entrepreneurs are better understood by decision makers. Creative achievements are largely produced and consumed at the local level and therefore influence the creation of the identity and image of cities and regions. That is why investments in the creative industry are also investments in a better quality of life, strengthening the local.

Creativity is the way to a better and safer future. When if not now, who if not us?