The capital Podgorica has announced a public call to support women’s entrepreneurship, which is aimed at women entrepreneurs and companies led by women who want to start or develop their own business.

The funds provided by the budget of the Capital for this year in the amount of 20,000 euros are distributed for business plans which especially encourage the economic development of Podgorica, agriculture and rural areas, organic agricultural production and tourism. Also, business plans should encourage the development of hunting and fishing, as well as physical culture and sports, and contribute to the affirmation and valorization of cultural potential and traditions and the preservation of the environment and sustainable development.

The maximum amount of funds allocated for business plans may not exceed 25% of the total amount provided for in the capital’s budget to support women’s entrepreneurship. The company, the entrepreneur, can apply for the total amount or for a part of the funds for the realization of activities from the business plan and is obliged to indicate that.

The application deadline is March 7, 2022.

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