Within the training program implemented by the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development within the project ‘Mapping and Development of Cultural and Creative Industries in Montenegro’, a two-day training on ‘Sales skills, negotiation power and psychology of customer’, led by Marko Mihailovic, CEO of M Studio, was held 8th and 9th October.

On interactive training, cultural and creative creators had the opportunity to learn: what mistakes we make in accessing the market, how to reach the target group to whom we sell the product, what mistakes we make in thinking about the customer, how to negotiate the price, how to develop your culture product into a brand, which market opportunities we do not see etc.

Check out the training details below, a statement from one of the participants and a statement from the trainers who shared their impressions with us after the training.

You can download the training presentation here: Prezentacija_Osnovne vještine prodaje i moć pregovaranja

Svoje utiske po završetku obuke podijelila je sa nama polaznica obuke Dragana Vujović, vlasnica firme Marketing Veb Centar.