During the Global Week of Entrepreneurship, the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development supported the organization of the second fair of young entrepreneurs on 16 October, in which the Union of young entrepreneurs in Montenegro held the first film’s premiere „And why we could not?“ at the cinema Cineplexx Delta City. The film was taken with the support of the Ministry of Sport of Montenegro, and the premiere’s were attended by 130 young entrepreneurs, reprensetatives of institutions, organizations, companies, students and high school students.

All the present were addressed by the minister Nikola Janović, director of the Institute of Entrepreneurship and Economic Development Dragana Radević, the executive director of the company OKOV Jakov Brajović and the president of UMPCG Uroš Bulatović.

At the premiere of the film, thanksgiving are assinged to the organizations which contributed to the development of the Union, as well as recognition of the members of the organization, which enabled a better and high-quality work of the Union of young entrepreneurs.

The Second fair of young entrepreneurs was held on same day at the hall of shopping center Delta City, where the citizens of Montenegro had the opportunity to get acquainted with 30 young entrepreneurs and their businesses, as well as to provide support to one of the five ideas that competed at the fair itself.

IPER – The Institute of Economic Development had its stand on the fair at which all interested could be informed about all activities/projects which we are implementing in order to support and develop young entrepreneurs.

As part of a prize competition „Everything around you is a an opportunity for business“ the 1000 eur purchase prize in OKOV took it Jelena Đurišić with idea – Shtrikarica – crochet of modern bags made of recycled cotton strips.

Other project partners: OKOV, Investment development fund of Montenegro, The Capital city, Agency for International Development – USAID, Shopping center Delta City.

Below are the photos.