Do you know that honey should not be treated at temperatures above 450C and should not be exposed to ionizing or UV rays? How can you be sure that the honey you buy is properly stored and transported to the place where you buy it?

The Institute for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development has begun the realization of the HoneyTag project aimed at protecting the brand and improving the quality of honey in Montenegro. By using high technologies in an easy way we can protect the honey produced in Montenegro and ensure that only properly stored and distributed product goes into consumption. HoneyTag is designed to use TagItSmart (TIS, ) technology to protect the brand and improve the quality of honey in Montenegro. The solution will be tested in partnership with the Association of Beekeeping Organizations and through cooperation with local beekeeping organizations from the municipalities of Savnik, Žabljak and Plužine, which are in the process of obtaining the label of geographical origin for Durmitor Honey.

Pilot project HoneyTag aims to provide a mechanism for protecting / testing the authenticity of bee products to Montenegrin producers and consumers while at the same time ensuring the safety of honey and reducing counterfeiting of products. The project envisages the use of several TIS components that support QR codes, NFC and SmartTags, which will be used on packaging for honey and preferably on packaging of other bee products.

HoneyTag is funded by the Horizon 2020 Scientific Research and Technological Development Fund.