Today in the Hotel “Podgorica” was held a Round Table on “Analysis of the Draft Law on Labor”. The round table was organized by the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development and the Montenegro Business Alliance. The Round Table was attended by representatives of the Public Sector, ie the line Ministry, Competitiveness Council, representatives of the Trade Union and representatives of the private sector, MBA members.

In the content discussion, we heard different views on how the new Labor Law should look. However, basically, it can be noted that agreement has been reached on the importance of equal protection of interests of employees, business community and the state, in a way that ensures the strengthening of business activities and strengthening of businesses at all levels.

It was pointed out that the Labor Law, as one of the most important systemic laws, must be in line with the needs of the market economy. Therefore, labor legislation can not only be in the function of justified protection of employees, but must provide greater market stimulation and continuous attraction of domestic and foreign investments. It was said that labor legislation must be further improved and released from rigid and bureaucratic solutions inherited from the previous system. It must be an important segment in the creation of public policies that ensure international competitiveness  of the national economy. In this regard, in the new Labor Law it is necessary to eliminate solutions that, under the pretext of protecting employees, basically represent business barriers and discourage the development of entrepreneurship.