Negotiation IS NOT persuasion!

The second one-day training on “The power of negotiation” was held on 26.07.2018. organized by the Institute for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development in Podgorica, within the project ” Youth Business – Mentoring and Education Program”, attended by 18 young entrepreneurs who are also participants of the program.

The training was led by Danka Pješčić Ćetković, founder of NLP Network Podgorica. During the training, young entrepreneurs gained knowledge of the skills of successful negotiation to achieve their goals, what the negotiation process looks like, and why the respect relationship and appreciation of the interests of the other side are an obligatory element of successful negotiations.

Big attention and interest attracted the practical part of the training. Precisely through practical work, entrepreneurs could “sense” why it is preparing the most important segment of negotiation, how to define the goal of negotiations, how to make a list of its conditions and what makes a good negotiator.

Today, we’ve been working on acquiring negotiation skills, which is why negotiating power is one of the most important skills in modern business. Negotiation skills are not reserved only for high politics, high business or diplomacy. On the contrary, negotiation skills are very useful to us in everyday life and everyday business. If we want to negotiate better working conditions, greater benefits, benefits in the workplace, better conditions with suppliers, it is very important that we know how to negotiate, which skills are needed; what  it is that makes communication crucial; why it is important to know what is our goal and how precisely to define it; and to know how to establish a relationship of trust and support with the other party. In this process, in fulfilling our interest, we must also take into account the interest of the other party.” – said the trainer, Mrs Danka Pješčić Ćetković.

We do not use communication skills to “convince” or “persuade the other side” to something that is not acceptable for it, because it can only give the current result. In long term, this is not an acceptable way of communication and business.

Below you can see photos and a short video from the training, and feel a bit of a great atmosphere.

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