The Institute for Entreperneurship and Economic Development (IPER) was successfully relized the HoneyTag promotion, on 24 November in the IDEA CG supermarket.  The promotion was intended to inform consumers that with the help of TagItSmart technology it can protect Montenegrin honey and increase food security.

The consumers had the opportunity to, along with the honey tasting,  find out how works the HoneyTag applicaton which confirms the quality and originality of the product. Honey lovers tested the application on the spot by scanning the QR code and convinced that it is very powerful tool for protecting Montenegrin honey and increasing food security. Also, everyone who visited our stand were rewarded with interesting gifts.

In order to protect the originality and quality of Durmitor honey, each jar is marked with special ink which reacts to the change in temperature and exposure to UV rays. Then, each jar owns a unique ID that allows to track it from production to consumption. In addition, the application enables consumers to evaluate the quality of the honey after consumption, as well as to communicate directly with the producers.

Pilot project HoneyTag is a good basis for beekeeping organizations in Montenegro, as well as individual beekeepers, in order to adopt TIS technology and used to protect their brands, product quality control and end-user education. The project involved 6 producers with a total of 430 hives.

Photos from the HoneyTag app promotion are listed below.