The Institute for Entrepreneurship and Economic Development – IPER, organized the first training for the cultural and creative industries in the planned training cycle, within the project ‘Mapping and Development of the Cultural and Creative Industries in Montenegro’. The training was held on September 24 and 25, entitled ‘How to Create a Brand?’, led by Ljiljana Burzan Nikolic, Executive Director of BI Communication.

In interactive training, cultural and creative creators had the opportunity to learn basic information about the market, how the product acceptance process is going, what the brand and branding strategies are, what it takes to become a brand, what are the channels of communication and how the brand communicates.

Trainee Ivana Milic, founder of M.I Art Gallery, shared her impressions with us upon completion of the training.

You can download the training presentation here: Prezentacija_Kako kreirati brend