During the third one-day training for young entrepreneurs on the subject “Business Communication”, held on September 6, 2018, the participants had the opportunity to get acquainted with advanced communication skills. The training was led by Jelena Markovic, the founder of the Personal Change Network Smart Change.

The main goal of the workshop was to train students to better manage the psychological and emotional aspect of communication in the business world. Additionally, the objectives were to teach participants to present their business in an efficient way, to define a clear target group, to create a communication plan for their business and to master the techniques of assertive communication.

At the very beginning, a theoretical lecture on its condition was held according to the methodology of the transactional analysis. In this segment, students gained deeper insights on why people behave in certain ways, how they can direct communication from positive to negative, how to reduce the gap and how to find a common language with clients.

During the training, students transferred their knowledge into the creation of communication tactics for their business. The communication tactic consisted of identifying the main shortcomings and weaknesses in the day-to-day communication of participants and creating concrete steps to overcome challenges by using the tools and skills they acquired during the training.

They got a set of tools to manage “tough conversations.” In business communication, negotiations, conflicts, and reporting unpleasant news are almost inevitable. Once these situations arise, there are ways in which we can reduce the damage and speed up the process of reaching the most effective solution.

The training was conducted in accordance with the methodology of transactional analysis, neuro-linguistic programming and interpersonal communication.

“I think that this training is excellent, feedback from the students is great. According to the comments of the present, I can conclude that until now all the trainings and the thematic gatherings from this program have been successful. People recognize their value, recognize that they have practical applicability, that they can use it and use it for their businesses, and I really feel that people have gained valuable knowledge and skills for future business, “said coach Jelena Markovic.